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For more than seven decades, Federal College of Forestry, Ibadan has been providing training, technical knowledge and vocational skills for technical staff on sustained basis in Forestry, Agriculture and related disciplines.

The College has provided men and women who could establish and manage farms, forest plantations and reserves for recreation and other purposes. Coming on to this website, you are embarking on a journey and taking a peek at the numerous benefits and possibilities that the College offers. From our home page you can take a look at the different Departments, the Heads of Departments, some of the research activities and breakthroughs of the College. You will also be informed about what is trending in the College.

For students of the College and interested candidates, there are user friendly links on this site through which application and registration activities can easily be carried out. Navigating through the site, you are adequately informed and guided towards making reasonable choices and getting correctly registered as a student of the College.

For all other visitors, this site is the window through which the College could be viewed by people in the world, wherever they may be.

History of the college

Forestry technical education started in Nigeria with the establishment in Zaria in 1939. In the same year, the school was moved to Moor Plantation, Ibadan from where it was finally moved to the present site, Forest Hill, Jericho Ibadan in 1941. As at 1941, the Federal School of Forestry was the only Higher Institution of Forestry Education in African Sub-region until the early sixties. Since its establishment, the School has trained and is still training students from other African countries notably Ghana, Cameroon, Sierra-Leone, Liberia, Gambia, Uganda and Kenya. For very many years until recently, the trainees were candidates sponsored by various State Government Agencies of Foreign Countries and as such at the beginning, many trainees were serving officers with sponsoring agencies. From 1939-1956 the only course, run by the College was a one calendar year Forest Assistant programme. This was changed to an eighteen month course between 1956 and 1961. From 1961 to the present, the programme has been a two level programme, now designated the National Diploma (ND) and the Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes, with students running each level of 2 academic years on full time and 3 academic years on part time.