Historical background of the department

The Crop Production Technology Department (CPT) came into existence upon the visit of the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) in August, 2011 and was granted initial approval by the same board in October, 2011.

In the ten years of existence, the Department has graduated sixty-eight (68) students with Higher National Diploma Certificates, and has had three Heads of Department; Dr. I.O. Abiola (2011-2016), Dr. Mrs Wahab O.M (2016-2020) and Mr. A.G. Adebayo (Oct. 2020- date).

Goal and Objectives of the programme:
The goal of the Crop Production Technology programme is:

•    To produce higher agricultural technologists who are adequately and technically equipped with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of Crop Production and are capable of establishing, operating and managing large-scale enterprises.

The objectives of the programme are to teach the students to:
a) Prepare the land, using all the necessary implements and equipment and applying various land preparation methods and techniques.
b) Identify the soil types suitable for various types of crops.
c) Produce or acquire improved varieties of planting materials.
d) Operate farm machinery, equipment and implements and carry out their routine maintenance.
e) Apply irrigation techniques to boost crop production.
f) Carry out routine management operations in crop farms e.g. a) fertilizer application b) herbicidal application c) insecticidal application d) fungicidal application; at the right time using correct formulations.
g) Process and store harvested crops.
h) Assist in research on crop production.


Mr. Adebayo A.G. is an erudite scholar, a soil scientist by training and educator by passion. He holds a B.Agric. in Soil Science (Ife) and a M.Sc. in Agronomy (Ibadan). He has been lecturing students in areas of Soil Science and Crop Production for over a decade, and has supervised dozens of National diploma and Higher National Diploma students.

Mr Adebayo has served in many committees in the College. He is currently a member of the College Promotion Committee and Junior Staff Disciplinary Committee. Most recently, he received a Letter of Commendation from the Director-General of FRIN in recognition of his outstanding contribution to College administration. Mr. Adebayo is happily married and blessed with lovely children.

Research Activities
Research work carried out in the department over the last few years include:

1. Agricultural Engineering projects: Projects carried out in the department in the last few years include development of agricultural machinery such as desiccant dryer, solar dryer, electric dryer, weeder, anthill rhombus, corn shelling machine, and cowpea peeling machine, amongst others.

2. Crop Production projects: Crop projects carried out in the department include: Effect of age of transplant on the growth and yield of Watermelon (citrullus lanatus matsum & nakai), onion processing projects, etc.

Soil projects: Soil science projects carried out in the department include: Research on the effect of organic and inorganic fertilizer on the yield and heavy metals uptake under Amaranthus hybridus production.

Pictures of activities in the department

Tectonia grandis (Teak) seedlings

Staff at our nursery

Students filling polythene seedling pots


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