The Forestry Technology Department has been in existence since the Federal College of Forestry Ibadan was established in 1939.The department has trained and is still training students from within and outside Nigeria in Forestry and related fields. The department has also evolved from a One year Forest Assistants’ Programme in 1939 to the present Two Level Natoinal Diploma (ND) and Higher National Diploma (HND) programmes. Alumni of the department have championed the cause of forestry all over the globe.

To provide middle level manpower for Forestry and Environment based sectors of the national economy and to meet the manpower needs for the Sustainable Development Goals

1. To train technical staff on sustained bases in Forestry and Environmental Services
2. To provide technical knowledge and vocational skills requisite for Forestry development
3. To train Forestry and allied workers in Silviculture, Nursery Management, Plantation establishment, Forest Guards etc


Mrs. JAYEOBA, Feyiropo M. is the Head of the Forestry Technology Department. She has a BSc in Botany and MSc in Plant Biology from the University of Ilorin. She has 16 years experience in teaching in the fields of Biology, Botany, Forestry and Genetics and their applications to biodiversity conservation. Currrently working on the diversity of tree species in forests and plantations using morphometrics and molecular genetics tools. Hobbies include playing volleyball and listening to music. Contact:

1. Assessement of tree species populations and growth in different plantations in the South Western Nigeria.
2. Socio-economic studies of Non Timber Forest Products in various parts of South Western Nigeria.
3. Growth studies of tree species in the nursery using different growing media.
4. Studies on forest improvement and management strategies.
5. Studies on growth of indigenous forest trees in the field.

1. Nurseries: The department manages three (3) nurseries where students are guided through the various silvicultural and nursery activities.
2. College Arborateum : This is used for ex situ conservation of indigenous and exotic tree species, silvicultural and forest management practicals.
3. Gmelina arborea plantation: For measuration and and forest management practicals.
4. Agroforestry Field Laboratories: The department has three(3) model agroforestry laboratories in Sakpoba, Edo State; Onigambari and Olokemeji Forest Reserves in Oyo State. They are used for field practicals.
5. Mini-Plantation/ Demonstration Plots: This is used for training students on procedures for plantation establishment and other research activities in the department.

Students with staff on Field Trip to Olokemeji Forest Reserve

Students preparing stumps for potting

Practical sessions

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