1. Membership of the Library is restricted mainly to registered staff and students of the College and they are the only people eligible to borrow books from the Library.

2. The opening hours during semesters: Monday-Friday : 8.00am-7.00pm Saturday 9.00am-2.00pm, during vacation Monday-Friday 8.00am-4.00pm.

3. The Library is closed during public holidays.

4. Silence must be observed in and around the Library.

5. Bags, briefcases, umbrellas and other baggage must not be taken into the Library, they must be deposited on the tables by the entrance.

6. All readers, on leaving the Library must submit any book or journal they have with them for checking by the Library Assistant and or the security.

7. Reading tables and chairs must not be moved by readers from their positions.

8. Seats must not be reserved in the Library. Any chair not physically occupied by a reader shall be occupied by another reader.

9. Smoking, eating and drinking are forbidden in the Library.

10. No reader must enter any part of the library marked 'Private', 'Reserved', 'For Staff Only', unless by permission.

11. Any reader who damages, mutilates or loses any book in his/her possession shall be made to pay for the damage or loss.

12. All books marked 'reference' must only be consulted in the Library and cannot be borrowed.

13. Books consulted shall not be shelved by the user but be left on the tables.

14. Readers are required to respect and obey reasonable request of any library staff.

15. Delay in returning borrowed book shall attract a penalty of ₦50.00 per book per day.

16. The library may suspend or withdraw all reading privileges from any reader who contravenes these rules and regulations and shall be subsequently reported to the college authority.

17. Readers shall not be allowed to bring naked light into and or around the library.

18. Respect all Library staff on duty.


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